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Jörgen Raymann about Choice By Talent

"The Dutch economy is doing well, but our jobseekers over 50 are still having a hard time to participate. Even though in 2019 for the first time half of the adult population of The Netherlands will be older than 50 years. Choice By Talent believes that there is a place for every talent in our workforce. Regardless of age, sex and background. With the help of the latest technologies, they connect each employee with an employer that suits them. This way no talent is lost for Dutch society." Know more


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Robert Jan de Heer

Robert Jan de Heer - Business Developer at OKER: "How can it be that, on the one hand, good employers are faced with a shortage of suitable employees, while, on the other, talented jobseekers are faced with a shortage of opportunities? I think it's wonderful how this app presents both sides to each other."

Robert Jan de Heer

Marieke van der Meer - Consultant at cut-e: "An organization such as this can be successfully built on employees with the right knowledge and skills. Indestructible becomes this with employees in house, who possess rhymes and passions. Choice By Talent is a smart and thorough app that can match super fast on the basis of all these aspects. "

Robert Jan de Heer

Mayra Krishnadath - CFO at Microsoft Dynamics: "As an interim CFO I visit many employers, helping them to make the company healthy and of this time. Sometimes this means that the ways of an employer and its employees separate themselves. How nice that there is a tool such as Choice By Talent, which matches 24x7 employers with job seekers. All this time this app! "

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